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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday's ramblings

Summer is on my mind today, the sun was out, blue skys...you know the kind of day! I love my travel stuff when Summer is on the way. The USA of my childhood meant vacation time for many, "See the USA in your Chevrolet"...sang Dinah Shore! These postcards and plates remind me of those days. Even tho I only made it to Miami Beach as a child, and the Lake of the Ozarks of course, I still love looking at travel souveniers.

And, I found this egg plate in the same design as my coffee pot. I like it, but cannot think of the pattern's name.I stopped at the thrift store last night for a quick run through and found these strange lamp shades. They are some sort of waffle like plastic, and have the lacing around the edges, not bad for 1.99!

Well, bye for now. You kitchen winners should be getting your packages soon! Til then, keep cool!

Monday, April 26, 2010

How do we do it?

Howdy all! I was trying to think of a way to "stimulate" conversation about how we all manage to get through the day doing our regular lives, and keep "vintage" in our hearts? For me, I slacked off on wearing my vintage look for years because I thought I had to be a certain way. Oh yes, I would run back home at the end of the day to languish in my retro wonderland. But, I want to know how all of you got started living vintage, keep going despite work etc..the real world, and tips to others on how not to let people get to you when you choose your vintage look! Start postin' On your mark, get set, GO!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Part two of the thrifting finds...

I found this John Waters film that I have never seen. I loved Hairspray and Cry Baby. This is bizarre...and I have only seen the first part. Melanie Griffith?
This Chicken cookbook was made in 1961-and has some cool pix!

this was actually from last weekend and I forgot to post it! I have a casserole that matches!
This is an alarm clock that plays four different songs from Grease, wakes you up with the music and the flashing neon jukebox lights! One of the strangest in a while!
Well, it's time to set this alarm and hit the hay! Monday will be here before we know it!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Thrifting We Will Go-Go!

A stash of 80's 45s.....

Collectors blue vinyl, ltd. time only!Peter Gunn theme 45!atomic juice glass         
 Easter Parade children's 45 front and back 29cents ?Grease container (has all the strainer parts etc, This is a metal cake plate w/cover I couldn't pass up, even tho it has a few dents.

Howdy, and sorry I haven't posted for a few days! My best friend came up from the lake of the Ozarks and we have been on the go! Last night, I took her to downtown Kansas City to see the Power and Light district. I am so glad they have renovated the downtown area, including adding a lot of new restaurants and a vintage theatre. It's good to see people actually walking around doing things after dark again! We ate at a Thai place, really good Spring rolls with peanut sauce and some spicy basil shrimp dish that was awesome. Of course, today was filled up with thrift store shopping. We are definitely "partners in crime" in the thrift store world since way back when..and it's funny to see us try to get out of the car and run in first! (Don't tell her, but I kinda let her get first dibs on stuff, since she doesn't get to come up that often!) Here's some of the cool finds of the day-

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The thrift store Gods heard me again!

Well-I know you've all experienced this...OK? My daughter is HOOTOWL crazy. I mean who the heck let the owls out? Who Who Who?? So, we are drooling over all the cool Enid Collins Owl purses on the Internet and I said.."I WILL find one!". Tonight, somethnig told me to go to the Salvation Army. I was literally headed to Savers, the thrift department store and did a Batturn to go the other way. I had no sooner got inside and WHAM! behind the jewelry counter is THE purse! 14.99-The Big HOOTer of a purse in Perfect shape. Perfect as in NEVER BEEN USED! Now, I sit and wait for her and her boyfriend to get home from the movies...(Cue Carly Simon's ANTICIPATION>>>ANTICIPAye_YeA_SHU!)Here is a pix from the internet. I haven't had time to snap a pix. But, it's exactly like it! Not one rhinestone missing! I LOVE when this happens! Later, ZSM

Thrift Scores: Zootsuitmama 3-Salvation Army-0

Ha! Just when I was about to give up on finding anything besides some Aunt Jemima bottles made into candle holders, there they were! Two Souvenier pillow covers in near perfect shape! Also, while perusing the reject Dollar store lace panels, I struck gold! Even if it's only one long barkcloth panel, the possibilities are endless with what one can do!Just wanted to brag, I mean share, my win over Salvation Army! Not bad for a quick Monday night run through!
Oh, and a PS on my Aunt Mary blog- This is the formica top to the card table I got from her. Never seen one like this! Very sixties.
Have a great Tuesday! Zootsuitmama

Monday, April 19, 2010

Good day Sunshine!

Monday again. It's amazing how quickly it comes. Can ya tell I'm excited? NOT.I am sooooo ready for a vacation. So, I thought I'd feature some of my awesome suitcases to tide me over. Someone (can't remember now) talked about the little train cases in one of their blogs. I love mine. But the find of my 60's psychodelic suitcase was super de duper cuz I had never seen one, nor have I since!It looks like it came straight off of Carnaby street in Picadilly Circus London. The Beatles would have been proud to carry it...Good Day Sunshines!
Zootsuitmama, Peace, Love and all that!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday -glad it isn't Monday!

Well, as usual on my days off, I make lists of things I want to accomplish. Someone once told me to do this, and check off the ones that get done and it will "empower" you to keep on keeping on. This weekend, I wanted to work on my trailer, but only got so far as to sweep leaves from around it again...What else? I rearranged my kitchen. My big old 1946 fridge was starting to lean forward! I think the floor must have been getting weak. Can't you just see me in an I love Lucy episode? "Ricky dear, what would you like for dinner....oooooooooH wahhhhhhh!" as I fall through the floor with the fridge! So, I moved it and put my Aunt Mary's formica card table from the sixties in it's place. As some of you have read, Aunt Mary was quite an independent lady, and had just come to the nursing home where I work after much begging and pleading, so she could get some help. She couldn't breathe due to COPD and heart problems. She HAD to have this table, so she could work her puzzles. It was a different formica, white with little turquoise and pink flowers kinda '60's. When she passed only one week ago today, (and 6 days after having moved in) she had a puzzle almost done on that table. A chocolate cookie with one bite out of it and a carton of milk was there by the puzzle, along with an email that a coworker had sent me with jokes. She loved jokes, most of them racy!She always told me at least one a day. So - I brought the table home and now it's a part of my tiny kitchen..(PIX later).
I also had cleaning the deck and rearranging it on the list. It was done, although I want to do something different with the theme. It's covered, so I have two glidersm, a table and chairs etc out there. I use it as I would a room all Summer.Check that off. I also did the usual cleaning, hey-three dogs make that a full time job. Check.
So, why do I get this anxious feeling as Sunday evening approaches? I always want to do more. Anyway, I also checked off making a chocolate cake! Yummy- I made it two layers, put English Walnut ice cream in the middle and iced it with some rich chocolate homemade icing/ Rich!!
The 1946 two ton tessie of a refridgorator.
Until later, I will have to be satisfied and realize my expectations are unrealistic. I just love my little home, dogs, and trailer. I have a case of Cinderella complex, or maybe Spring fever!
The ole kitchen sink...

This is a kitchen scale I found at a garage sale last weekend.
All in all, a pretty good weekend. Well, gotta go take my Mom some cake! Later alligators! Zootsuitmama

Friday, April 16, 2010

Miss Susie QT-You are a winner! And many more!

After much consideration, I decided on Miss Susie QT's kitchen. But, never fear everyone who posted kitchen pix gets a gift, too!
Susie: your prize will match your kitchen. I picked pastels that will go with your cute candy colored decor! It's a pink and turquioise
kitchen towel, a pink dessert plate a chartruese coffee cup vinegar and oil cruets from pyrex and a cream and sugar,,,turquoise melmac!
Bakelight bebe gets an atomic glass and some saucers. They remind me of your new curtains.
Mick: you get the pen holder since youre a student:
Chickens in the Basement...rooster vinegar and oil cruets!

miss cherry bubbles, a cherry trivet!

Mama's Kitchen/Frankie's wife...metal matchholder for your red and white trailer!
Cheetah Velour:An atomic food container
and honorary mention for retro keith: a bowling ball lighter
If I forgot anyone, please, please remind me and I will send you a gift.
Now, everybody, send me your info at xbettiexdoll@aol.com so I can send your goodies! Zootsuitmama

Tonight's the night!

Hint hint- at least two items on the stove will be a part of the prize!
I will pick the kitchen winner tonight! Stay tuned, same Bat time, Same Bat channel! It's really hard to choose just one - so be on the lookout for "consolation prizes" for everyone who enters!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Late Night or Early Morning

Yes, I am up inordinately late! Just finished my "homework" for my online class. I didn't post this before - but my Aunt Mary that I talked about moving into the nursing home where I work passed away Sunday morning at 6pm. She waved at a CNA about five til 6, then at 6, she was just gone. The way she wanted it. In her sleep and peaceful. I'm grateful for the time we spent, the fact that my Uncle Gene, the last of all 13 children, and I had a chance to talk, and that Aunt Mary saved two things, jokes and pictures. I will be pouring over the pix for a while. So, I have to know that, as in all things, all happens for a reason.
I will be posting some pix and stories about the adventures of Aunt Mary soon! These little bird vases just make me happy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

...More flamingo stuff

Just found this one over the weekend-This is a restaurant plate!pink plastic to go on my vanity And - of course- the big mama of them all..., over my dresser in my pink flamingo bedroom.


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