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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday -glad it isn't Monday!

Well, as usual on my days off, I make lists of things I want to accomplish. Someone once told me to do this, and check off the ones that get done and it will "empower" you to keep on keeping on. This weekend, I wanted to work on my trailer, but only got so far as to sweep leaves from around it again...What else? I rearranged my kitchen. My big old 1946 fridge was starting to lean forward! I think the floor must have been getting weak. Can't you just see me in an I love Lucy episode? "Ricky dear, what would you like for dinner....oooooooooH wahhhhhhh!" as I fall through the floor with the fridge! So, I moved it and put my Aunt Mary's formica card table from the sixties in it's place. As some of you have read, Aunt Mary was quite an independent lady, and had just come to the nursing home where I work after much begging and pleading, so she could get some help. She couldn't breathe due to COPD and heart problems. She HAD to have this table, so she could work her puzzles. It was a different formica, white with little turquoise and pink flowers kinda '60's. When she passed only one week ago today, (and 6 days after having moved in) she had a puzzle almost done on that table. A chocolate cookie with one bite out of it and a carton of milk was there by the puzzle, along with an email that a coworker had sent me with jokes. She loved jokes, most of them racy!She always told me at least one a day. So - I brought the table home and now it's a part of my tiny kitchen..(PIX later).
I also had cleaning the deck and rearranging it on the list. It was done, although I want to do something different with the theme. It's covered, so I have two glidersm, a table and chairs etc out there. I use it as I would a room all Summer.Check that off. I also did the usual cleaning, hey-three dogs make that a full time job. Check.
So, why do I get this anxious feeling as Sunday evening approaches? I always want to do more. Anyway, I also checked off making a chocolate cake! Yummy- I made it two layers, put English Walnut ice cream in the middle and iced it with some rich chocolate homemade icing/ Rich!!
The 1946 two ton tessie of a refridgorator.
Until later, I will have to be satisfied and realize my expectations are unrealistic. I just love my little home, dogs, and trailer. I have a case of Cinderella complex, or maybe Spring fever!
The ole kitchen sink...

This is a kitchen scale I found at a garage sale last weekend.
All in all, a pretty good weekend. Well, gotta go take my Mom some cake! Later alligators! Zootsuitmama


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Awww (((hugs))) about your Aunt Mary. Lost my Mom 4 years ago and miss her every day.

I make lists, and try to break down the chores into the smallest possible steps. That way I check off a lot of things for a little work. ;)

Now that I'm an old lady, I break those steps down even further ha ha. Today I put painters tape along one side of the baseboard in my living room. Tomorrow I will paint along that tapped edge. No pressure! Work accomplished! Knees still work, it's a good Sunday!


Beth said...

I am a list maker too- from my momma's side. I spend more effort making the lists than getting anything on them actually accomplished- HA.

Zootsuitmama said...

Thanks fifties atomic. I need to send you something too..I will figure out something special if you leave your info on my email. Youre a regular reader and I appreciate it!
Beth, glad it's just not me! LOL

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

You are adorable zootsuitmama. No need for gifts! I keep thinking how difficult it is for me to even get my bills mailed on time much less get a package wrapped up and mailed, so I often don't enter giveaways because I feel bad for imposing, and because I want someone else to win!

Amber Von Felts said...

I love the little black shelf on your counter. Too cute. I have an old camper & fridge too. I'd love to get the fridge up here in the apt. but wanna re-do my floors first. Ugh, talk about chores! I'd love to see more pics of your camper, show me yours and I'll show you mine!


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