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Friday, May 7, 2010

Finally hit the thrift stores...

Well, I got to go to the thrift stores tonight, but didn't really see anything great. I did get a couple of books for 49cents a piece One is about '70's collectibles (my daughter will like that) and the other is Americana and collectibles...if nothing else, there are a lot of examples of dish patterns, etc. to look at and recognize stuff that's considered collectible. I just go by my own guage of things, if they turn me on they turn me on! I also finally picked up more tomato plants, flowers and ....hold on, cuz I know you won't believe it, PINK LAWN FLAMINGOS!! Yes, new and still in the box. Dollar General has them this year! 10 dollars. The box is pretty groovy in itself. So, tomorrow I can make my little flower bed out front cute.It's been a very long week at work with lots of strange things happening with the residents...fights! etc. And school was also weird. Hey, maybe its me? They say wherever you go, you take you with you! LOL Well, I'll post pix tomorrow-so can't wait to hear from my blogging buds! Zootsuitmama


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