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Monday, May 30, 2011

What will you do today? Happy Memorial Day!

I cleaned my deck off last night, or finished doing it! It's so nice to sit down and enjoy knowing it's all swept and a fresh tablecloth and chenille bedspread is on the glider. I got really comfy last night, with a great breeze blowing across the back yard. Today, I am taking my other glider outside. I've had it in the dining room, for extra seating, besides, it's cute!
But, I am making room for my new chairs, tired of the clutter! I think I am bringing up another formica table to go with the chairs. I have had the blonde boomerang legged one in there, but I think it's time for a change.. and, formica tables just remind me of Summertime when I was a kid! So cool and clean..I gave my green set to my daughter when she got her own place.
Now, I can use my turquoise chairs out on the deck.
But there's always the weeds in the garden to deal with, especially after all the rain we've been having. After all, I want the tomatoes to look like they did last year (above)!
Me? I'm definitely hanging out with my doggies-Angel, Baby, and Ziggy! I may even take a cue from what they're doing right now, napping after breakfast. That breeze on the deck is very seductive.


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