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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween Dress!!

I found this Halloween/squaredance dress the other day! I love the rickrack and the color, but especially the Woody Woodpecker trim!!! Obviously handmade by someone, it has great details and handiwork. Just wanted to share this gem. It's on my Etsy shop...unless you all think I should go on an extreme diet and squeeze into this size 24 waist by October 31st!!! LOL...not happening!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Challenge: Show me Vintage Holiday Decor!

Greetings Fellow Autumnal Blogfriends! I have a challenge! Tell me...
How did you start living a vintage life? I just remember always feeling more "comfy" and at home around the forties fifties and before that decor. Also, always remembering how my Grandma's house made me feel. The red kitchen, Aunt Ida's Pink and Grey kitchen, the big plumed wall paper and the mohair couches in maroon and grey. All of this and the fact that things just seemed to mean more then. Not to "dys" the modern day, just to hold on to enough of the home, family and love around the table, (formica?) to keep it close to our hearts.

Does your vintage decorating interests spill over into your Holiday Decor? If so, Show It!!!

There's NOTHING I like better than being able to see other peoples vintage decor!!!


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