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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Be careful what you wish for... you just might get it

Soooo...as I look back, a couple of blogs ago, I was pining away for wanting to be at home more, having more time, etc. So Friday at 4:00, my supervisor of 8 years (the one that gave me a raise 2 weeks ago and told me 'thanks for all of your good work", fired me. For a stupid, trumped up documentation error. But only after having me do a lot of "dirty work" like calling families to give them bad news, dealing with the difficult families and residents, etc.

Now I am biding my time until I land another job. I have been wanting to get outta that place, so maybe God gave me the push I needed.

Anyway, pray for me to get something, so I won't have to live in the streets with my 3 dogs!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tropical vacation in my mind

 Hmmm. Some people say that is normal for me...no, not since the sixties!
I think the place to go is South! but I noticed a lot of you bloggers are lucky enough to go to Viva Las Vegas!
Maybe I'll just check in around the corner to the Queen City Motel!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

...last minute shopping? Christmas in April? No just a sale!

 Some days I am just more nostalgic than others.

This is one of those days.
I feel sad that I can't stay home and do the things my Mom and Grandma used to do. I try to pack it all into the hours before and after work, and on the weekends. It's not the same. I can't be a housewife, because I'm not married. All my kids are grown and living out of the home. But, I can't help but think "I still like being home". There are so many projects and things that need doing, but not ever the time. I remember a scene in the "Ya ya sisterhood" where they were looking at old photos, and there was a picture of the girls in the '4o's, just sitting on the porch together. I want to do that, too.
I want a clothes line, and I want to smell the sheets fresh and clean when I make up the bed.

This apron reminds me so much of my Grandma's kitchen curtains!
I think what "Mother's Kitchen's" blog talks about is true.http://frankiezwife.blogspot.com/2011/04/how-did-we-get-here.html I know some modern things are good, but, I also think we as women have lost something along the way. How do you all handle loving the vintage life, but still live in the modern world? I'd love to hear from you. Check out the cool giveaway at http://ihearteverythingblog.blogspot.com/!!


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