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Thursday, May 27, 2010

India's swinging pad, or "My daughter, myself"...

My daughter India is very cool, as you can see. She is growing into a woman too fast, but I am proud of her and her strength. I like to think she got some of Mom's funkiness, though! Some of this stuff in her bedroom could have been in mine when I was a teenager!  She has a very unique style, and puts things together her way...which is the way it should be. Right now, she is into owls. I run across them a lot, but only get the really unique and different ones. The picture of the sailor is her fav though. It's hilarious because the tattoo artist is crossing out names of "his girl in every port" to add yet another.

India's dad was quite a bit older than me, and we lost him when she was only four. The picture of him at a gas station in the fifties is another favorite.

Yep! That's my girl. She'll be 20 on June 13th, but it's so hard to believe.I think she's super groovy and I love her more and more each day!


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