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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Part two of the thrifting finds...

I found this John Waters film that I have never seen. I loved Hairspray and Cry Baby. This is bizarre...and I have only seen the first part. Melanie Griffith?
This Chicken cookbook was made in 1961-and has some cool pix!

this was actually from last weekend and I forgot to post it! I have a casserole that matches!
This is an alarm clock that plays four different songs from Grease, wakes you up with the music and the flashing neon jukebox lights! One of the strangest in a while!
Well, it's time to set this alarm and hit the hay! Monday will be here before we know it!


Zootsuitmama said...

This alarm clock may be smashed next time I take a picture of it! Can't get it to go off! "Greased Lightening" over and over first thing in the morning! EEEK! ZSM

Beth said...

I am a big John Water's fan too. It takes a special type of person to admit fandom. LOL

50sme said...

I've got a matching casserole too for that bowl. It's a smaller dish though like for a vegatable side or something of the like. I've looked around for matching dishes but have had no luck. I've seen another dish exactly like mine elsewhere on line but yours is the first bowl I've seen in the style! I wonder if your casserole is the same as mine....?


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