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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Long, Long Weekend and the Short, Short Trailer

I know - I have posted some of these pictures before. But I wanted to "bring it all together" as best I can with the pictures I already have. More to come, renovations, and Paint?? We'll get started on it this week I hope!!
This is my backyard. I have a covered deck on the back of the house, on the left, I have almost filled the entire left side of the yard with garden space. The sidewalk leads to the "patio". There sits my little 1972 Boler camper. I did have a cute blue awning on it, but a storm did it some damage and haven't replaced it. I got the camper one Sunday morning when dropping my daughter off at work.As often happens, like when the thrift store gods are calling, I get this "thought", "Go find a camper!" Well, I did! I drove right to it..got outta the car in my PJ's, and marched right up to the door of the house. A man answered. I asked, "Is the trailer for sale??" He looked at me kinda strange (I thought it was my hair sticking straight up (bed hair) or my PJ's) and said, "I was just going to put a for sale sign on it! So I looked inside and there was a cute lil fridge, stove and sink! The upholstery on the booth was in near perfect blue and white checked perfection. I bought it, and the guy hauled it over to me without any money transactions. A true God thing.

 The second picture is the little booth. I have a vase full of flowers, a vintage tablecloth on it and a turquoise and white 50's radio that works on the table. The lamp is driftwood from the Lake of the Ozarks, and I made the shade by laminating and blowing up some vintage postcards.
Third picture is of the Moose outside the door, with a sign that says, "Wipe your hoofs".
#4 is a towel that my friend made especially for the camper, it's embroideried Missouri.
The fifth pix is my "If the hats missin'-I've gone fishin' clock"
#6 The "lifesaver" on the trailer door. and #7 is the other trailer window. Below it is a blue and white checked seat.#8 is a vintage travel map and pamphlet. # 9 a little shelf above the seat. I found this cute vintage travel game. #10- I found some of these "banners" at the Goodwill, and thought they fit"! More trailer to come...the painting , finding time to finish cleaning it, etc... Zootsuitmama


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