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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I cashed in on the pillowcases today@ the Disabled Vets Thrift Store.

Let's see, this weekend...it went by, as usual in a blur. First, I took my beagle Angel back to the vet. I knew it wasn't good, because she is more congested now. As soon as we got in the door, she peed, and it had blood in it. So, when we finally got to see the doc, he felt of her stomach and said, "she's full of bladder stones"., and then, he said she had congestion, probably congestive heart failure and put her on Lasix.
I also had a good time, not all bad this weekend. We went to my oldest son's birthday party. I got to see my girls, which is always great, and some other people I haven't seen in ages. Then, we kicked off the Halloween season early and went to see "the Last Exorcism". Pretty strange...
I love these pillows!
I also found a movie, The Mambo Kings, with Armand Asante...very sexy and fun to watch the clothes, etc.
Just couldn't stop myself from putting out some Autumn  barkcloth! See ya soon


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