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Monday, December 27, 2010

I forgot about the outside! I will post some super duper "blo-mold" pix tomorrow~Zootsuitmama
Love these old plastic holly wreaths! Here's what I've been doing for two days straight...
making a ton of pumpkin bread. All that Fall decor came in handy, fresh pumpkin makes the best bread!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yes! I found my old camera and got some Christmas pix, finally!!!!

Still no camera so reruns of pix continue

Well sista's - I have screwed up another camera...trying to ..ahem...fix it. I am bursting to take more Christmas pix, before it's time to take it all down. I have a challenge! I am trying to think of a bright, colorful way to decorate the dining/back room after Christmas. Show me  yours if you use color. Or, send me cool sites or pictures of brightly colored rooms, think '40's Fiesta, cute graphics etc...I really need the input. I seem to decorate over and over the same. Thanks! Zootsuitmama

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am back and better than ever...boy what a long haul.

and speaking of long hauls...just to let you all know, I haven't forgotten you! All but two have been sent, but I don't have addresses! Brooksie and Jenny Mae! send addresses to xbettiexdoll@aol.com!
Well, this last week was a doooozy! More on that later. Wanted to show you the slight transformation from Halloween to Autumn in the little guest room...This is my chickenwire and leaves lamp shade. Weirrrrd. Then, I found some orange sheers and topped them with some mod fifties orange and gold patterned curtains. I found lots of pillows. The desk is covered in a gold fall tablecloth and a fall leaf scarf. Just had to make it cute for Merilee, my bestest friend!
The dining room changed to Autumn too, until after this Thursday, when Christmas makes it's arrival. I had the craziest couple of weeks. Studying for comprehensive exams, where I had to write totally essay questions for about 41/2 hours, then accidently took my lil Angel dog's Lasix...water pill for congestive heart failure. This was the day last weekend when I was setting up for a flea market. Well, when it hit me, it didn't just make me pee...but deathly ill, vomiting dizzy etc.. I had to just go home puke and rest all day and night. Thank God my friend was here and packed up for me, cuz I was out of it. I guess my Potassium bottomed out..scary. How does a little 4o lb Beagle handle it? Well, she has fluid buildup, and needs it!
Then, I took my comps, and boy, was that a relief to get over with! I will find out this week if I get to graduate in December...formalities, ya know. But I am DONE! Now my goal is to take the exam for drug and alcohol counselor (another degree I started a while back).
Well, sorry about the delay in posts. I promise, your goodies are on the way!
Love, Zootsuitmama

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello strangers!

Yes, I have not been the best blog friend lately! I hope to walk the stage for my Masters of Gerontology in December, and at the same time am almost done with my Drug and Alcohol counselor degree...whew! I have comps to take next Thursday which is about 4 hours essay writing. I am totally not ready, but plan to focus on these questions every day until then...Anyway, the addresses are rolling in and some of the winners prizes are sent, but a few still haven't contacted me. I hope to hear from all of you soon! I can't wait til I have more free time to just "play", decorate, etc... Happy Fall! Zoot

Monday, November 1, 2010

Camera and Computer Meltdown!!

Ok, late again! Those spooks and Haints got into the ole machinery! Anywho....The ghoulies have all retreated back from whence they came...Sooo!

Vintage Christine: you get the turban guy!
Darlene and Susie QT: something flamingo
Brooksie-something from the Halloween collection

Cheetah Velour and 50-s atomic- blo mold pumpkins (the flat ones)
La Dama.... something from the kitchen

Mick-something....for the bar...some starburst glasses
Linda @ Ala Carte- a vintage apron

More pix tomorrow....


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