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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1st Halloween installment

Well, hope you enjoyed the tour! I sure love sharing it! Happy Fall, Y'all! and stay tuned for more!

Preview of things to come! The Halloween Rooms

More will be revealed tonite!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hey all!

I've been very negligent in posting so-here goes! After getting a new job, WHICH I LOVE!!, I told you all about my fall. Two weeks ago, I fell at the grocery store and have been suffering every since, but nothing broken. Thankfully, I made it through the last two weeks and didn't miss any work! I am still very sore and bruised, but can see some light at the end of the pain tunnel...So, I finally got a real (albeit partial) paycheck that wasn't from unemployment! I couldn't resist hitting the thrift stores, but used GREAT restraint. However, I did find a pumpkin head man blo mold for a couple of dollars, and some other blo molds for my daughter's new place. She is already decorating, (wonder where she gets that?) for Halloween. It got really cool here the last week or so, with one night around 48 degrees! That sets us off for believing it's almost FALL!

I collect these! The one I got wasn't exactly like this, but moer a hobo looking guy with a top hat - but I haven't taken any pix. Anyway, more later. Hope all are well, and I am keeping up on your blogs, even if I don't always comment. I work four long days so I can have 3 off, and love it, but I am sure not used to the hours and having to be somewhere on a schedule after being off 4 months (argh! I still cannot believe it).
Later, ZOOT


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