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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vintage plastic Love

yellow and black canister
little wringer washer
turquoise and yellow scoops
Rosie the Riveter and her "bomb" salt shaker
plastic fish plate holders
plastic thermal cups
teardrop candy dish
pink and turquoise snack trays
I look around the house, and notice...I have a thing for plastic stuff. In fact, I LOVE it. Whether it's a canister or a scoop or a salt and pepper shaker, it gives me a little thrill when I spot it. The brighter the color the better!
It just goes so good with vintage linens, etc...I love the cheerfulness of it!
atomic fridge dish

butter dishes

We won't even talk about the plastic holiday stuff...YET!!! I want to see ALL of your plastic stuff! Purty please?


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