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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hey all you hip chicks and dudes! I have a PROPOSITION!!

For some reason, I am obsessed with laundry rooms. I wonder, could it be because my cute little retro laundry room was taken over a few years back by my son? Why, yes. I believe it is the reason. If I am using short curt sentences, it's only because I am stifling a scream!! Not once, but twice, my son was allowed to move back into my extra room off the basement. Ya know what the definition of insanity is, RIGHT?? "Doing the same things over and over, and expecting different results".
I can't believe I never took any pictures of my little launderette, just to prove that it really did exist. That was before my blogging days...many long years ago.
So, I am relying on cute pix from the internet to compensate, and when the lil room gets back together, I'll take a bunch of pix!
But, wait! I'll describe it. First off, after I fumigated and washed everything down with bleach (YES IT WAS NECESSARY!!) I painted the walls white, moved in my oriental yellow formica table with the inlaid oriental women, put up all my retro tin laundry signs etc..and even made a little corner for my sewing machine that I have never used. It was precious. I could wash, dry and fold my laundry, without having to fight the dust bunnies from the dryer and trip over years worth of vintage stuff that I just couldn't live without! It was cheerful and homey. And then, I lost my mind for a minute, "Why don't you, and your girlfriend, move in until you find your own place again?" Ha ha. Two years later, and my little room was filled with any computer equipment that was known to man, stacked to the ceiling crap, a bed, shelves, TV ....on and on. Then came the famous day when my sanity returned...but that's a story for another time. But, before I could remove the stuff ("I'll come get all my computer garbage soon...") guess what? A flash flood, stopped up sump pump and lots of slimy clothes, junk, computer equipment sitting in water up to my knees. And, it's funny, but guess who hadta remove it? Right! Zootsuitmama. So - if I ever post something that even hints that I again am losing my mind and about to let someone move in, please do an intervention!!

So.... until I get the laundry room back together (oh, and I forgot to mention my pink ironing board!)-I have a propostion. I am about to reach 50 followers...so-ya know what that means? Give a way! I need pictures, stories, or both posted on your blogs about retro/vintage laundry stuff. That's all it takes to enter. I'll post pix tonight of the give a way goodies! So - get on it! It will motivate me to get down there and get my room back together!

Believe it or not, this is the first  type of washer I remember my mom using as a kid!


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