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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Salvation Army Attack!!~

This is a rooster wall pocket planter, and I used to find this plastic stuff all the time I was excited, but it's so fragile I broke it right away...can you tell though? I think it still looks divine. What my sucky photography doesnt' reveal is, the planter is Turquoise. My fav.I also found this black ceramic Unicorn pen holder. I love all the desk stuff, and I may end up putting this on my desk at work. My office is retro/WWII/vintage, and my residents just LOVE the trip down memory lane! I actually got my own office back today again after a year of being cramped up like a sardine with two other Social Workers. Now, I can go back to mood lighting and music! YES!I couldn't remember if I have showed yall my atomic fruit basket curtains? As usual, not the best pix, but they are really unusual. The rest of the stuff I scored tonight on a quicky run through Salvation Army!These are my new trailer lights my beautiful daughter India  and her boyfriend Brian bought me for Mother's day, plus a really great candle and a fab dinner at a Mongolian Grill!

OK so I am stuck in the age of VCRs-but that's what I find at the thrift stores for 50 cents! I have been finding a PLETHORA of movies made in the eighties that are supposed to be in the sixties or fifties. Leonard Maltin sez,"What do you get when you mix T-Birds, Bermuda shorts, bubbleflip hair-dos and incredible dancing? You get Shag!" I get some kind of guilty pleasure in watching these eighties Brat Packers and if it's set in the periods I love, all the better!! I'll give you a thumbs up or down from Zootsuitmama, as soon as I "screen" it.

I'm trying to decide what will premiere at my "Drive In". I'm thinking Long Long Trailer, by the trailer. Thanks to Mick for the idea! Well, everybody, Schools Out for Summer! So time to have FUN!!


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