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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Return of Zmama!! Update on kitchen

I know...it's been ages. But - I plan to start blogging again. I hope some of you are still out there that used to visit me! I didn't have home internet for a long time and now I do. Didn't like trying to blog on my phone....I am an old fogie I guess. Here is my latest formica table, (One of way too many). Couldn't pass it up for $10.00!  I haven't really posted a good picture of my little Fridgiaire fridge either. Lovin' it...
Black Yellow and White formica pattern
Sonic menu board and stuff on table
Metal cabinet with my latest toaster...finally found a cord!
I change this all the time...Valentines day theme

Aprons and mixer...aluminum coffee pot
Window over sink, with barkcloth and potholders
I love Lucy clock and my little fridge...works perfectly
Took and old lampshade and added Mom and Dad's wedding pix. I change this frequently too by clipping things on with clothespins


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