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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I got a feeling called the blah ha ha ...oh Lord...what will I do!

Do any of you get to a point where you look at your "stuff"-or a room, and think, "it just doesn't look good" anymore. Of course, it's the same room you fell in love with two weeks ago, or a month ago, after you got something new, and/or rearranged around it? Then, it's as if it all just looks boring. How do you deal with it? I know, it's our nature to go look for "more stuff"...that's a given. But, do you rearrange, paint? What?
Last night, I got the "Itch" to redecorate around 10pm. Not good. I moved my bedroom to the back of the house after Christmas, and love it! But slowly but surely, it started looking blah. So...I moved all the furniture out from the walls, cleaned gigantic dog hair tumbleweeds, put away some "finds" that I haven't found a place for yet, etc. It looked, once again, good as retronew! I also felt better because it was so clean! I hate thinking about breathing 3 dogs dog hair, but to seriously move everything and clean every day is just not doable with my life. So I slept better and really like the way I have it...for now. So, tell me about your hints when you feel in a rut with your vintage retro furnishings! There will be a prize for the best story!
These are rather dim pictures..but you get my drift!
Oh and P.S. - I picked up some orange (the fruit) lights at a sale today for $1.00. They look cute with my fruity motif in the kitchen.


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