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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello out there! How are you? I'm "in the Pink"!

Peek a boo, I see you!
All my blog friends are gonna think I forgot them. I found out a few packages I sent out for the winners of the contest were sent back. I got a notice in my mailbox on Saturday, but can't tell which ones they are until I go up and look today. Rest assured, I will resend.
I love trashcans that are pink, match my hamper, and have funny little doodad ornaments like starbursts on them!I used to have a silver chrome reading light til I found this pink one!
Of course, here's vanity stuff in pink plastic!
Living room chair...you guessed it PINK!Hamper etc...PINK!flamingo flock, pink.

As you can see, I really AM in the pink...ok, mostle flamingos, but also other items! I don't know about you all , but pink is my favorite vintage color. I only wish I could have a pink bathroom and kitchen like my Aunt Ida. I do have the pink and grey formica table, but will have to wait for the perfect spot.
 I challege all bloggers to post their color scheme, and what items (with pictures) and colors are they most attracted to! Later, Zootsuitmama


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