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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Last weekends thriftstore finds!

Sears robe

Orange cup, pink trashcan and brush holder, starburst glasbake bowl, dresser set
Seventies totebag

mod seventies wardrobe bag
garment bag label
 Lots of cool finds lately at the thrifts! Most will go onto the Etsy shop!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I love my recent thrifting finds! Blurry, but these are my fav! Haven't found anything like these dancers for a while! Of course, I always have a weakness for the chalk stuff, Miller studios especially. I'm trying to find enough small ones to go around my whole kitchen like a border. A while back I found this skillet with roosters and farm scenes ...I looked at it for a few weeks until they marked it down.  OOO, don't look at the grease on my counter top, didn't see that until I took the pix! LOL! These cute handmade dolls for Valentine went straight to Etsy shop, but I love em! So cute and original. I wonder if someone made them for their Grandkids? I need to announce a new prize for the giveaway, too! I'll figure that out today while I'm going through my stuff!

Friday, February 1, 2013

HOLD ON!!!! We interrupt this blog give a way for an EMERGENCY announcement!

As most of you know who follow the coolest blogs on the block, MICK....of Casablanca fame, is all about the theater. Well, I have a MAJOR announcement. Mick expressed his love for the gravel art comedy mask I am giving away...and I just HAVE to let him have it! So MICK, it's yours! I'll get it to you in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, there will be a different prize for the giveaway, to be announced tonight. So -I hope you all understand, but Mick is very special, so he has to win this!


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