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Sunday, July 11, 2010

More stuff!

This was my ad for my shop. I ran acrossed it looking for pictures. It makes me kinda sad, but it was really just toooo much. These fireking mugs are turquiose blending into white. I'd never seen them before!
These two boxes are plastic. The weird thing is I found out Russell Stovers used to come in them, cuz the sticker is still on em.

This lamp was sitting at Salvation Army for a week before I broke down and bought it. Cheapo, too.

This airline ad is a reproduction, but I like to put it up in the Summer in the bathroom.
Enough for one night...as you can see, I need some practice with the camera.

Hello there all! I finally got a camera and can post again! I posted about 50's atomic winning my give a way a few days ago, and wanted to show what she won!
It's a vintage tablecloth, the map kind, of some European crests and maps of (I think)Germany. It still has the stickers on it, has NEVER been used or washed, and the colors are Fab! Hope you like it, cuz I sent it today!!!!! 
I picked some cherry tomatos and green beans this morning. Some were still too small to pick, but probably in a couple of days!

This lovely item is a tray I received yesterday in the mail from Roxanne aka Cheetah Velour! Thank you SOOO much! It has taken it's place beside all my other "mingos" in my bedroom! I was so excited afer having been at a Crisis Management class all day! It really cheered me up!

Well, more later, cuz I'm a picture takin' fool, once again!


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