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Sunday, February 21, 2010

If it's the weekend, it must be snowing, raining, sleeting...you get the picture?

Ok, just a quick gripe session. Other than my garden area getting soaked for future planting, WHY! I know we can't control the weather, so-I have to accept it. I guess I'll get busy inside doing some changing around of my dishes, kitchen etc. that I have wanted to do. The eclectiveness (is that a word?) of my little kitchen is becoming too eclective.Anybody else have the problem of picking up stuff you just cannot pass up? Well-I knew you all couldn't relate! I love my atomic stuff, melmac, fiestaware, but need to seperate it into other areas. I am putting more "mod atomic" into my dining room and leaving the fiesta and bright colored in the kitchen. My goal has always been to have a pink and gray kitchen like my Aunt Ida. PIX LATER of that.
I got as far as a pink and gray formica table and some cannisters, then started leaning toward the Mexican tablecloths and Fiestaware of the '40's look. Besides, the reds and bright colors remind me of my Grandma's kitchen, the place I felt safest, happiest and most loved in my whole life. So, I will focus on that task, instead of looking at the sleet building up on the sidewalk and my car, and it'll make me happier. Zootsuitmama


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