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Friday, March 5, 2010

Englewood Theater

This is the other theater we went to all my life. It's supposed to reopen soon. The interior was remodeled and patterned after the Radio City Music Hall, and it has a 50 ft. screen. The popcorn machine from the Ben Franklin is used here now. The Ben Franklin was next door..They were showing vintage movies, then new..I cannot wait til they reopen! The lamps in the lobby are all Moss. They are totally to die for!

Next groovy Independence spot

This is the famous Twin Drive In. It gets it's name for obvious reasons...Two screens one at each end. This is the place I saw Hard Day's Night, Help, Magical Mystery Tour, and Yellow Submarine all in one night. My poor parents took me, although they were bored..and my Mom was laying in the back seat sick. All the people I knew grew up watching movies, etc..at this place. The cool thing is, it pretty much looks the same. I am still wondering, though, why, when my date took me to see "Closed for Winter"...we never did see the movie??

Land of Zootsuitmama, Harry Truman and...Ben Franklin?

Ben Franklin was a dime store that closed about five years ago. I cried! First they took out the candy counter, with the hot popcorn, roasted cashews and glass cases full of all kinds of candy delights. Then, slowly, the WalMarts and the other discount conglomerates took all -almost all- of their business...the sad day came when they completely closed. It was the last of it's kind in Independence - the last of locals being able to walk over and pick up some bobby pins, Blue Waltz perfume in the original bottles, or face powder in a box.They always had ladies hankies, rain bonnets, paper shelf paper, (the kind that folded down on the edge) and just about anything else you could need or want. It was in the Engelwood district, and I will be showing the theater and restaraunt that still stand. The theater has shown vintage movies and newer since I was  a kid, and will reopen soon. The restaraunt it exactly the same, with the best food in town. There is also a coffee house, a cool shop called Changing Seasons, and a dry cleaners with the original signage, etc. Luckily, a "dime store" of sorts bought the building and they kept the original sign. Siggghhhhh... More to come, stay tuned. Same Bat time, Same Bat channel...


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