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Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'll gladly pay you Tues. for a Hamblogger today?

HiBoys opened in the 50's, as did Big Boy. They are similar in taste, and some rumor has it they are owned by the same family. The double cheeseburgers are hugemongus...and the fries are best when dipped in my chocolate shake. The location above hasn't changed at all since day one. It's on BlueRidge Cutoff, and it's my favorite.

Sunday feature: Cool Independence Missouri Retro!

Today I woke up and thought it was Monday! Thank God I was wrong. So -Now I can slow down (yeah, right!) a little, and piddle around. But first, I must unveil the next locations of businesses in my hometown that are still sporting vintage signage or even better, still operating!! This particular movie theater is on the "square", or downtown business district of Independence. It was a theater, then a dollar movie, and became kinda run down and stinky. Your feet would stick as you walked down the aisle stinky! I remember on the 4th of July in the '70's seeing "Funny Lady" with Barbara Streisand. (Am I dating myself? Well no one else will!) Art Deco Heaven, that movie!  Enjoy! A local family bought the place and restored it, inside and out. The marquee on the front and back door are awesome, especially at night.  Zootsuitmama


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