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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Up late again...

Hello all. I have so much on my mind, I'm having trouble getting sleepy. Tired, yes. Maybe if I hadn't chipped an iceberg out of my 1946 fridge at 10:30?

Or maybe it's the big dinner at Mom's? Plus the homemade strawberry shortcake? But - one thing I know is really on my mind, that I haven't really shared with all of you yet. Ya see, I didn't get to go out of town this weekend as planned. I had the car checked over, and the oil changed, tires rotated, etc. and they found massive amounts of brake work that (they say) totals around $700.00! Of course, I will get a second opinion, but jeez Louise!The worst part is that I felt like I let Mick down by not making it to the Casablanca. Because, I have two boys of my own, and he feels like a son to me, and because I am fairly new to all the blogging stuff, and he is the first few that I have come to know and like...but it sucked.
Then, there is the fact that my two older granddaughters are here from Florida. They moved about a year ago, and I haven't seen them. I used to have them almost every weekend, before "mom" decided to take them to a place far far away. So, since they are staying with their uncle, I feel that I have to "make appts" to see them. I hope I'm just tired and delusional, but it seems like they are purposely delaying me seeing them. Granted, their Dad -my youngest son- has had issues, but I wanted to always be there for them. Maybe tomorrow will be a brighter day..right now it's getting ready to storm, winds blowing and thunder and lightening.
Rainy days and Mondays always get me down....


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