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Monday, January 7, 2013

Winner of the Blo mold and some Bright Kitchen Pix

Kitchen sink with bright vintage plastic
More bright plastic and chalkware
Aprons and textiles, see my electric sizzors in the corner? in the turquoise case? Montgomery Ward!
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These pix are part of the annual transformation back to the pastels and bright colors that I love. After Christmas, don't ya just long for a little less clutter? Of course, many people think this is extreeeeme clutter, but you vintage blog lovers understand me, right??
The only thing is, I can't find everything that I took down waaaaaayyyyy back in September when I put out my Fall and Halloween! It's still a work in progress. And the crummy camera is still the only one I have. Stay tuned for the rest of the house!
High chair with turquoise steam iron and booklet
One of two chef mid century trays, one of which I can't find yet


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