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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Formica from the Orient

This is my oriental formica-The giveaway prize is this rock/gravel comedy mask!

Keep watching for more tables and chances to enter!

Formica number two

Ok, here is a shot of my "new" wooden -chrome- and formica table. Not the best picture, but all I've taken so far with my cheapo camera. Keep those entries coming!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Hey Hey!!! Time for a Give a Way!

Hey all! I saw a post at RetroRenovation a few weeks back about formica tables. So...I want to see all of yours! Just mention my blog and you will be entered in a drawing. I will reveal what the item is later today, but the more pix you post, the more entries! I just sold my green formica last week, and I miss it so much, but it went to a great home. I have so many, I really need to sell more. But, can't pass em up, ya know! Right now, I have my $15. 00 red and grey in my dining area. It is wooden with a grey formica top and chrome legs. The only problem it has is the leaf is a little warped, but without it -it's awesome. My daughter has dibs on it for when she has a house, but I'm lovin' it now. Reallllly cottagy!

Well, more later, but Show me those formicas! I'm from Missouri, so Show Me!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Winner of the Blo mold and some Bright Kitchen Pix

Kitchen sink with bright vintage plastic
More bright plastic and chalkware
Aprons and textiles, see my electric sizzors in the corner? in the turquoise case? Montgomery Ward!
Mecky send me your info at xbettiexdol@aol.com! and be sure to visit her blog -it's so fun!

These pix are part of the annual transformation back to the pastels and bright colors that I love. After Christmas, don't ya just long for a little less clutter? Of course, many people think this is extreeeeme clutter, but you vintage blog lovers understand me, right??
The only thing is, I can't find everything that I took down waaaaaayyyyy back in September when I put out my Fall and Halloween! It's still a work in progress. And the crummy camera is still the only one I have. Stay tuned for the rest of the house!
High chair with turquoise steam iron and booklet
One of two chef mid century trays, one of which I can't find yet

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye to my Christmas World, Hello retro wonderland!

It's a wonderful life houses and diamond lamp on barkcloth!
What a mess!! I am taking down Christmas. I don't mind telling you, it's SAD! I planned to leave it up for a couple of more weeks to enjoy after the mad swirl of activity, but had a day off today and have been looking at too many cool blogs that I want to model after...with no holiday decor! I'll show you the after when I'm done! This is a parting shot at Zoots' Christmas decor 2012 taken with a realllllly cheap camera! But my friend is sending me another one. Until then, Happy new Year! And, three more days to enter the Santa blomold drawing!
kitchen window with green glitter apron as curtain
Cardboard houses and pearl tree in bedroom
little oriental tree with camera and radio on pink metal cabinet


harry truman at the Independence Square


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