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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weather Whoaaaas!

Oh, the weather outside IS frightning! Let it snow let it snow let it snow, NOT! It snowed about 12 inches here last night, as it did all over the mid west! So, I haven't been blogging...just in case ya missed me! I had a co worker stay the last two nights, and other than being loved to death by my three hounds, I think she enjoyed the little retro bungalow. The Ritz it ain't! But the roads were impassable for the most part, due to the blowing and drifting snow.
I guess we could always sled down to work or ice skate! Anyway, I made it to work because I am two blocks away!
In the meantime, Ziggy is keeping the bed warm in case we  have any more stranded guests!

And Angel is holding down the fort on the couch, which could sleep one more!

Baby sez, "Don't forget me!"

Just call for your reservation! Deb's aka Zootsuitmamas Inn!

We'll leave a light on for ya!


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