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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Betty Boop Birthday clock!

I got this from my son and his wife for my Birthday, way back in June. I decided to put it in my office, because A) I'm there all the time, and B) It goes with my WWII red white and blue theme. I love it when your family knows what you like and take the time to search it out! I think someone made this in a ceramics class, it's huge!!

This weekend, I got the urge to clean the fridge, all the cabinets and rearrange. Kind of a late Summer cleaning instead of Spring...gotta get ready for putting up all the Fall stuff! Plus, sometimes it just feels really good to feel fresh and clean. It seems to cure my overwhelmed feeling sometimes when I look around and see the "same old stuff". Love color, too, can ya tell?

Oh yes, and I did a LITTLE shopping. I talked about this movie last night, The Mambo Kings, but forgot to add the picture. The men in this movie are sooooo handsome. Something about those tall dark and handsome guys. Desi Arnaz Jr. plays his Dad, and does an excellent job. Those guys were hot when they came from Cuba  to play in nightclubs in America. Long before the days of "I Love Lucy". They were the Mambo Kings. Armand Asante is ...whew! so romantic. He isn't always a nice guy, but it's only a fantasy! The movie itself captures the era. I would recommend it to all you vintage lovers.

Well, it's pouring down and storming. Love it! It cooled things down quite a bit. Great sleeping weather!

Later, Zootsuitmama


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