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Monday, February 15, 2010

Oriental madness

The Opium den is my sanctuary! Shooo - shoooow..."Thoroughly Modern Millie" .. My next few posts will be of the inner sanctum of the Oriental room.

pink collapsable pill cup

Ok, my Grandma always had these things in her "pocketbook"... a collapsable pill cup, a rain bonnet, and a package of Beeman's chewing gum. I can still smell it. So, before Ben Franklin's 5 and 10cent store closed (boo hoo), I made sure I got a little plastic rain bonnet in the little plastic envelop to carry - of course I left the price tag on!

Ok one more

Why can't I post several pix at once?? Oh well, here goes these are cool items from the weekend blitzkrieg.. on the thrift stores that is.

Thrift store a rama

Looky looky, what I got this weekend!

More of the kitchen

Howdy Doooody

No-not the clown! Well, a new day, Monday, and I am trying to post more often. I mean, who wants to go to a blog without blogging? So I decided to rev myself up by putting some more pix on of the swinging pad!


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