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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday and the weekend - finally!

My beets in the white fence are the seedlings I transplanted!

Welcome back to my blog! I've been sorta out of the blogoshpere this week. Not only was it a short, but busy one-but a lot of "challenged" people around. Challenged like, "YOU need to go to charm school" challenged. I cannot wait to get home to my little garden and family/ dogs.My garden is coming along-
I have one little tomato, but you'd have thought, "Where is it" if I did a closeup! There is also a pix of my tiny trailer sink, stove, and the front garden, that is getting a little taller. The yellow squash are bloomin!
Thrift stores haven't had much, so I am focusing on the outdoors for today. Tomorrow I plan to get another give a way together for  my  50th Blogger..I now have 49-so tell one and all!! Zootsuitmama


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