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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Update, the sequel

Now, I'm not going to rehash the whole bailing water out of muy basement again. (promise!) Here are a few more pix. I'll do a whole trailer blow out soon! I'll start on the deck and work outward to the trailer.

Weekend update!

My Mom and Kate, (above) Lilly and Kate
Here's a few of my front yard and little porch-Stay tuned for part two-more deck and backyard/trailer...

Had a fun but tiring weekend. Took Thursday off to watch my grandbabies while mommy and daddy went on a canoe trip. My friend came up Saturday from the lake (Ozarks) and we thrift shopped and garage saled til we dropped! Be sure to check out her great finds at retrocurbclimber. blog! Here's some random pix of the weekend, the lil trailer and other thrift store finds-


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