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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Time for another give a way!!

Cavalcade of Santa blo molds
Countdown to Christmas Santa

I am praying for all of you out there in blogland. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! I plan to give it my all to make it one for me and my family and friends, even though things aren't what I wish they could be. After all, isn't that the spirit of Christmas? 

One of my blog friends will win one of the Santa blo molds shown in the window above by entering my give a way. I just sent out the Halloween one! LOL! A little behind, but it's the thought that counts.

And, I am planning to get off my butt and start posting regularly again! It's the best therapy I know, to stay in touch with all of you, who love and appreciate this vintage living style that makes me so happy!!!

Snow man family

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winner~~~Old Fashioned Gal~!

Finally drew the name for the Halloween blo mold! Old Fashioned Girl, send me your info! And for everyone else, re-enter for a Christmas blo mold drawing!

Stay tuned for more info tonight!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hope everyone's holiday season is going well! I haven't had a lot of people sign up for the give a way. I will go ahead a draw the winner tonight for the Halloween blo mold. I finally got a camera, so I will also be showing some new Christmas! Stay tuned! Zoot

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Santas Playland

Howdy all! I feel like such a terrible blog friend because I don't have a camera, so I haven't posted! I have SOOOO much new, fun stuff to show and tell, I hope to do it soon. First, I want to have a give a way for a Halloween item. So enter by posting that you are interested and win a Blo Mold!!

I also am digging out the Christmas and have it about half decorated. My landlord had to jack up the kitchen floor (it was sagging, I think under the weight of the 1946 fridge and the 1957 stove! LOL! I didn't want to find myself in the basement by falling through the floor!

So that meant I had to take everything out and move it to the other side. Does anyone know how many times I have done this in the last year? Garage sales, holidays, etc. exhaust me because I am shifting shifting shifting junk! Anyone relate?

So while I had it out, I thought I'd better haul it upstairs. It's beginning to come together, so I realllly need to get a camera. Can't wait! But, I will show you something cool I saw on Dime Store Thrifts last post:

I have some of these things and love finding stuff from my childhood. My dream is to walk into a dime store that had been suddenly closed down, and left exactly as it was in the fifties or sixties.

my latest find at the thrift store is Santas Candy Wagon. I almost fainted! Two dollars and in mint condition! Love it soooo much!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Winter....now playing!

Hey all! Long time since my last post! No good camera! I wanted to show you some coats I found for Winter! Yes, almost that time again! The buttons are really cool, and the darker coat has a removable collar. Lining in great shape too! 

My Etsy is having a huge markdown to make room for Christmas and Winter! Check me out!!

Hope all is well, and stay tuned for a Halloween blow out and give a way!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween Dress!!

I found this Halloween/squaredance dress the other day! I love the rickrack and the color, but especially the Woody Woodpecker trim!!! Obviously handmade by someone, it has great details and handiwork. Just wanted to share this gem. It's on my Etsy shop...unless you all think I should go on an extreme diet and squeeze into this size 24 waist by October 31st!!! LOL...not happening!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Challenge: Show me Vintage Holiday Decor!

Greetings Fellow Autumnal Blogfriends! I have a challenge! Tell me...
How did you start living a vintage life? I just remember always feeling more "comfy" and at home around the forties fifties and before that decor. Also, always remembering how my Grandma's house made me feel. The red kitchen, Aunt Ida's Pink and Grey kitchen, the big plumed wall paper and the mohair couches in maroon and grey. All of this and the fact that things just seemed to mean more then. Not to "dys" the modern day, just to hold on to enough of the home, family and love around the table, (formica?) to keep it close to our hearts.

Does your vintage decorating interests spill over into your Holiday Decor? If so, Show It!!!

There's NOTHING I like better than being able to see other peoples vintage decor!!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day weekend already!

Well, long time since I have posted, I know! I had a huge sale a few weeks ago and it wiped me out! At least I sold a lot, and caught some bills up, to boot! I sold my little trailer, and it made me sad to see her go, but I tell myself, at least someone will take her on the road and enjoy her. I'll get another someday soon. I am still trying to go through my basement, and what a nightmare! After having searched all the boxes, etc...things are a mess. I tried to get something accomplished today, but, thank God it is raining!! We need it soooo bad.

SantaCaliGon days are this weekend, that's short for Santa Fe trail, California and Oregon. Independence Missouri was a really important stopping place for covered wagons when folks were heading west. Supplies would be bought and horses would be shoe-ed, etc. There is always a huge sale, concerts, booths, food, etc. Labor Day weekend, but so far, it has rained. I usually stay "out of the mix", due to parking, and otherwise chaotic environment. Plus, don't want to spend money and accumulate more stuff!

Here is a picture from last years Halloween! I am really excited about getting all my stuff out soon! I like to enjoy it for Sept. and Oct.!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Industrial chic? Plus weekend finds!~

Speaking of metal, I've been finding a lot of tins, bisquet or cookies were sold in them. This one was different because it has a plastic handle and little legs. I found such a cute little night light, too. It has a cat and a fiddle and a cow (no moon, though), and says Hey Diddle Diddle! I see nursery lamps with the wooden figures, but this is the first night light.

I also have been doing my bedroom in floral forties prints, more feminine and Summery. I have had the Oriental look for a while now, and it just started feeling too much, so I switched it to the guest room. Love it!

Also, a couple of weeks ago - I finally found the Proctor Silex starburst glass coffeepot. I have had a few of the flowered ones, but was so happy to find this atomic one!
And, this buffet server chrome rocket ship coffee maker too! Well - more to come, but wanted to say HI!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Feeling a little tropical... and SHOW ME YOUR PAINT BY NUMBERS!!!

table:green cracked ice with Mermaid star lamp
Paint by number bird collection with phone table and avocado  green dial phone
Saw an entry on RetroRenovation with paint by numbers and I though I'd see if my readers would join a challenge to show off their own PBN's.  I've been in the mood for blues and greens in this room for a while. At least for Summer, I'll probably keep it, cuz I really like my sixties drapes and the lamp is fitting. My friend gave me the lamp a while back after I begged, I mean, asked her for it! She found it down at the Ozarks and wouldn't let it go for a while, but I really LOVE it, so it's with me right now. I had the red chairs, and don't think it looks too bad-I tried to pick up the red with my big plastic basket on the table. But. you all know, vintage was meant to be mixed and matched, and I love all of it! Plus, when Christmas comes -the red and green look FAB~LOL!! Well, hope you take the challenge! Would love to see the paint by numbers.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mars needs lighting!

Check out this link for more on these groovy light fixtures....http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_EB46xuiLr3E/S0DZ0PH632I/AAAAAAAABw8/ypHDqzgmwpg/s1600-h/swag-2.jpg
This weekend I found one of those UFO shaped lights that pulls down or up, closer to the table, if you remember. I think they were called retractable. Anyway, a great buy for someone restoring their house to the sixties over at Zootsuitmama etsy! I took more pix and will post the underside that is glass.Vintage sheets are also my new focus!! I found these still in pkg, but went straight to etsy. They sold in a couple of hours! Also found some really cute handmade items, a clothespin bag that looks like jeans, and a calico appliance cover. Hope all are well and have a great week! Talk soon!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I have been trying to play around with something different in my kitchen window. I've tried hankies before, but in a different way, so I found some of my unusual platic colored clothespins, and arranged the hankies in a layered pattern. I kind of like it! I'm all about color, so this fits that bill! Along with my colored baskets and colanders, it's pretty cheery! What do you think? Also, I found a red and white patterns fifties juice holder (no lid) so I'm using it wion the stove to hold utensils. Also these cool thermal cups, found today! I didn't thrift much this weekend because I got an awful stomach thing and was sick since the 4th! Hope that's all gone, back to work tomorrow! Hope your weekends were grand!


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