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Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day weekend already!

Well, long time since I have posted, I know! I had a huge sale a few weeks ago and it wiped me out! At least I sold a lot, and caught some bills up, to boot! I sold my little trailer, and it made me sad to see her go, but I tell myself, at least someone will take her on the road and enjoy her. I'll get another someday soon. I am still trying to go through my basement, and what a nightmare! After having searched all the boxes, etc...things are a mess. I tried to get something accomplished today, but, thank God it is raining!! We need it soooo bad.

SantaCaliGon days are this weekend, that's short for Santa Fe trail, California and Oregon. Independence Missouri was a really important stopping place for covered wagons when folks were heading west. Supplies would be bought and horses would be shoe-ed, etc. There is always a huge sale, concerts, booths, food, etc. Labor Day weekend, but so far, it has rained. I usually stay "out of the mix", due to parking, and otherwise chaotic environment. Plus, don't want to spend money and accumulate more stuff!

Here is a picture from last years Halloween! I am really excited about getting all my stuff out soon! I like to enjoy it for Sept. and Oct.!


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