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Saturday, February 19, 2011

stylish blogger award!

Hello, I forgot, I received the Stylish Blogger Award from Cherry Bubbles at Past Life! Thanksss!!!
Now, I must list seven things about myself...Let's see
1. I used to teach dancing at Arthur Murrays!
2. I love dogs and have 3!
zootsuitmama, with the big silly grin, and family in 1967
sammy and riley

3. I have been collecting and wearing vintage since I was in my 20's, used to only wear vintage, and still love it to this day.
4.I have three children - Jeremy aged 38, Matt aged 36, India aged 20, and four beautiful granddaughters.

5. I work with the elderly and have for 8 years since I graduated with my Social Work degree, and now have a Masters in Gerontology.

6. I have been in recovery in AA for 24 years...
jeremy kate and lily
daughter india and bryan, her boyfriend
7. I love all my blog friends, and am so glad I found a bunch of people just as crazy about mid century as I am!!

ps, I need a picture of my other son Matt!
Ok, I want to give the award to 1)50's Atomic 2) Mother's Kitchen 3) I'm Not Old I'm Vintage 4} Cheetah Velour!
There are soooo many more I love, too!



As you know, I've issued a laudry challenge! Show me some cute  laundries, preferably vintage, and/or laundry stuff!
Clothes pins, wringer washer toy
pink laundry basket
orange washboard with decal
articles about vintage laundry
sign spelled wrong!
laundry sign


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