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Sunday, August 28, 2011

OOOPS I did it again!

...had a fall, that is! Oh yes, I was wearing my crocs (they are now going into the trash - because I just slipped in my kitche by the dog's water bowl a couple of weeks ago, and these shoes are treacherous on water!), and was walking through the store to get milk Friday night. Before I knew it, I was on the floor. I hit really hard, and looking around I see a lake of water around me. Three young guys were trying to help, but I was in horrible pain. The kid that was mopping just stood there for a while. I noticed then, that there was no sign up stating look out for wet floors. Soooo...I'm laying there in extreme pain and the kid says, "why don't you sit on these milk crates?' I roll over and try to get up, and my leg wouldn't work, and the pain was worse. The three young guys helped me into a chair, and the pain was even worse. I asked them to call an ambulance, by then I was sure I had a broken hip, and they were there  quickly. Feeling stupid, I am rolled through the store and into the ambulance. According to the xrays, nothing is fractured or broken. The pain is still pretty intense, and I was given some pain pills that #1 I don't like to take and #2 They don't do much anyway. All after having the best first week at work! All I could think about was what happens if I broke something, having to take off work this soon, etc. So, that's my weekend. Hope yours was better! Hope all of you on the East coast got through Irene, which makes my little misfortune look very insignificant!


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