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Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend finds ...both at home and the thrifts...

 This glass in pink and blue pastels is a great find for 49 cents. I think I've had some like this before. Who cares about a matched set? I love mixing all  my vintage glasses with pretty colors together!

 This "bon-bon" tray, or so it is named on the box...is awesome! it has two ying-yang teardrop type dishes made of white and turquoise plastic. I'll bet some lucky early sixties bride got this for a wedding gift! Could it be Don and Betty Draper?
A couple of posts  back I talked about shopping in our own basements, storage spaces, etc. LOOOOOK what I found! This glass front Sunbeam toaster! The glass is painted on the inside with green, turquoise and gold leaves. MOD! and...it still works! My Fiesta toaster quit a few weeks back. I got this at Boomerang in KCMO about 1994. One of the few things I bought from a Retro/Vintage shop, it was so unusual, I had to have it. Why I put it away, I'll never know!
Well, get used to me. I have a camera now, and I'm gonna use it! Have a great week and show me some of YOUR weekend finds! Zootsuitmama


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