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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mars needs lighting!

Check out this link for more on these groovy light fixtures....http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_EB46xuiLr3E/S0DZ0PH632I/AAAAAAAABw8/ypHDqzgmwpg/s1600-h/swag-2.jpg
This weekend I found one of those UFO shaped lights that pulls down or up, closer to the table, if you remember. I think they were called retractable. Anyway, a great buy for someone restoring their house to the sixties over at Zootsuitmama etsy! I took more pix and will post the underside that is glass.Vintage sheets are also my new focus!! I found these still in pkg, but went straight to etsy. They sold in a couple of hours! Also found some really cute handmade items, a clothespin bag that looks like jeans, and a calico appliance cover. Hope all are well and have a great week! Talk soon!


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