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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Santas Playland

Howdy all! I feel like such a terrible blog friend because I don't have a camera, so I haven't posted! I have SOOOO much new, fun stuff to show and tell, I hope to do it soon. First, I want to have a give a way for a Halloween item. So enter by posting that you are interested and win a Blo Mold!!

I also am digging out the Christmas and have it about half decorated. My landlord had to jack up the kitchen floor (it was sagging, I think under the weight of the 1946 fridge and the 1957 stove! LOL! I didn't want to find myself in the basement by falling through the floor!

So that meant I had to take everything out and move it to the other side. Does anyone know how many times I have done this in the last year? Garage sales, holidays, etc. exhaust me because I am shifting shifting shifting junk! Anyone relate?

So while I had it out, I thought I'd better haul it upstairs. It's beginning to come together, so I realllly need to get a camera. Can't wait! But, I will show you something cool I saw on Dime Store Thrifts last post:

I have some of these things and love finding stuff from my childhood. My dream is to walk into a dime store that had been suddenly closed down, and left exactly as it was in the fifties or sixties.

my latest find at the thrift store is Santas Candy Wagon. I almost fainted! Two dollars and in mint condition! Love it soooo much!


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