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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tropical Tiki Deck!

Finally, I got my camera on my phone to send to my blog! So now I can show you the new deck look for Summer! I moved my little bar out to the deck, some tropical barkcloth was draped over my old screen door that was out there- and put my green shutters on either side to hang pictures etc from. Then, on the table I also added some barkcloth and my old fan. Some flamingo and parrot touches, pink pillows and plants, some souveniers from the Bahamas and other tropical locations and Voila! It's different from the cabins look, but refreshing for Summer. I'm not all done, but thought I'd give ya a sneak peek!
Also, I hit a few sales on Friday, and found a few goodies...A mod sewing book with really groovy ILLUSTRATIONS!  My garden is coming along, and I picked some green beans today!

Tomatoes loading on and will have to be tied up soon~~Well, more later, as I need to take pictures of my rummage sale finds today! Hope you enjoy your weekend, and my little tour!


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