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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Retro Fiesta Kitschen

I can't pass up a cute cannister! Especially the metal with fruit or flowers. Soon I will break out my wooden set that are painted on the front with pink flamingos! I have a challenge for all you retro bloggers-Show me your kitchens!! Yes, I know I have several giveaways that were just mailed,  but I will pick a kitchen to be featured on my blog-AND-send a great gift that matches the one I pick!! This makes me sooo happy, cuz I get the double pleasure of giving something away, but also the vicarious pleasure of seeing your stuff !! I seriously LOVE Mama's Kitchen (check her out, she was featured in Vintage Housewife blog) and am now kind of thinking about changing the kitchen to more pinks and turquoises! But, this will also help me decide! I love getting ideas from others!

So-get those cameras out and shoot me your kitchen pix!! Can't wait!!


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