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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I got a feeling called the blah ha ha ...oh Lord...what will I do!

Do any of you get to a point where you look at your "stuff"-or a room, and think, "it just doesn't look good" anymore. Of course, it's the same room you fell in love with two weeks ago, or a month ago, after you got something new, and/or rearranged around it? Then, it's as if it all just looks boring. How do you deal with it? I know, it's our nature to go look for "more stuff"...that's a given. But, do you rearrange, paint? What?
Last night, I got the "Itch" to redecorate around 10pm. Not good. I moved my bedroom to the back of the house after Christmas, and love it! But slowly but surely, it started looking blah. So...I moved all the furniture out from the walls, cleaned gigantic dog hair tumbleweeds, put away some "finds" that I haven't found a place for yet, etc. It looked, once again, good as retronew! I also felt better because it was so clean! I hate thinking about breathing 3 dogs dog hair, but to seriously move everything and clean every day is just not doable with my life. So I slept better and really like the way I have it...for now. So, tell me about your hints when you feel in a rut with your vintage retro furnishings! There will be a prize for the best story!
These are rather dim pictures..but you get my drift!
Oh and P.S. - I picked up some orange (the fruit) lights at a sale today for $1.00. They look cute with my fruity motif in the kitchen.

Monday, June 28, 2010

All you winners, make sure your info is sent -

Last call for all you winners to get the info to my email at xbettiexdoll@aol.com. I want to get the prizes outta my back seat!! In the mean time, if I ever get to 100 followers - well, look out !

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Greetings Earthlings, I'm back from outer space!!

Can't forget this tacky Vegas pillow! and salt and peppers with roosters...

I got these in pink and gold one day, then in turquiose and gold the next!
Howdy! Yes - I've been away! Seems like years, but only days. Check out this gold metallic lampshade! And my other goodies I've found since I've been away! I had a weekend class, my Grandkids from Florida and my son here! Pix of that later.
And these pink melmac dishes, all for only 3.50! Then, I must have had the retro goblet gods on my side, because I ran acrossed lots of glasses this week...Oriental, but with an egyptian figure, and pastel palm tree glasses!

So all you vintage loving guys and gals, check it out! I have hit the jackpot!! Zootsuitmama
I also found an awesome '50's Bar B Que Cookbook, and a fondue fork set -still in the box! I also came across this "burlap brown" table cloth someone had made. They took extra special care to do the stitching and applicaid fruit!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wish? Did somebody say Wish??

Today is better, which it usually is if we just wait it out! I have my son here, and tomorrow his two daughters get to spend a couple of days over here with him, so I'm excited to see all of them. It's my younger son's birthday and mine is Fri. so we can all be together! I guess Jambie granted me my wish!! Meka leka hi meka hiney ho! long live jambie! You winners out there...please send me your info!! xbettiexdoll@aol.com

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Up late again...

Hello all. I have so much on my mind, I'm having trouble getting sleepy. Tired, yes. Maybe if I hadn't chipped an iceberg out of my 1946 fridge at 10:30?

Or maybe it's the big dinner at Mom's? Plus the homemade strawberry shortcake? But - one thing I know is really on my mind, that I haven't really shared with all of you yet. Ya see, I didn't get to go out of town this weekend as planned. I had the car checked over, and the oil changed, tires rotated, etc. and they found massive amounts of brake work that (they say) totals around $700.00! Of course, I will get a second opinion, but jeez Louise!The worst part is that I felt like I let Mick down by not making it to the Casablanca. Because, I have two boys of my own, and he feels like a son to me, and because I am fairly new to all the blogging stuff, and he is the first few that I have come to know and like...but it sucked.
Then, there is the fact that my two older granddaughters are here from Florida. They moved about a year ago, and I haven't seen them. I used to have them almost every weekend, before "mom" decided to take them to a place far far away. So, since they are staying with their uncle, I feel that I have to "make appts" to see them. I hope I'm just tired and delusional, but it seems like they are purposely delaying me seeing them. Granted, their Dad -my youngest son- has had issues, but I wanted to always be there for them. Maybe tomorrow will be a brighter day..right now it's getting ready to storm, winds blowing and thunder and lightening.
Rainy days and Mondays always get me down....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

More give away items!

Ok, so I'm late again! Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Here is the rundown on the "extras", I was able to figure out who posted on their blogs to send me new followers...and those who were new. So, if I miss someone, PLEASE tell me! I'll make good on my offer to send a gift to anyone who sends me a new follower!

Last post I listed these gifts:

I am trying to match the winners to comments that were made. (Ex)-some said they loved cookbooks, etc. So I  posted  the winners of each item. Then, I will give y'all the rest of the day to "correct" me if I missed ya! So- stay tuned. Zootsuitmama

Atomic Mama likes cook books
Brooksie: turquoise flowered plate
La Dama likes cooking
Kim: aprons
Happy Homemaker: cookbook
chandlerguera: white jar with strawberries
Vintage Christine: deco vase
'50's atomic house: swirl glasses
Pam: yellow flowered creamer
Linda: flower wall hangings
ckayork: luncheon cloth:

Brown and pink print apron w/rickrackchartreuse "deco vase"
So-everybody-email me your info at xbettiexdoll@aol.com!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some sneaks and peeks!

I had the drawing for the big winner, but this is the first glimpse into those who sent me new followes, and some  runners up and new followers... More in the morning, AND who gets what.

Drum roll time! A day late, sorry!


ok...There can only be one BIG winner, but, as promised, tonight I will post all the extra gifts for those who helped bring my follower list up to 58! In the meantime, Ziggy the dog, man of the house and alpha male picked......NOW, FOR SOME OF THE RUNNERS UP...FOR PROMOTING MY LIL' BLOG!

tune in tonight! I'll post the groooooooovy prizes. They are fabuloso!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My bestest friend Merilee at RetroCurbclimber gave me this a while back, and two of the chairs are no longer usable, but I love the print on the chairs! Plus - This is my new look in the "dining room: converted from a bedroom off the living room. A while back, I moved my bedroom to the back of the house. I have had this table, but in a different place. I love the boomerang legs! It matches the blond desk and china cabinet! The green formica is now spending the summer on my deck, and has more seating when we eat out there! I have the "leaf" to extend it, too. Angel my beagle baby is snoozing in the corner as usual.
Chairs are visible here.
Hey hey hey! Counting down to Mick's party! This is now my new screensaver! I ran acrossed these houses RIGHT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Time to take the shades off and face the crowd!

Here I am. Zootsuit mama. I hate pictures of me, but oh well. 55 and counting! I still feel like I should be 35 or 25, but since I have kids aged 38 in August, 36 in June and 20 last Sunday June 13th-I guess it's time to face reality....Keep in mind that this was 6pm, after working all day . AND, I cannot see how kids take their own darn picture with those camera phones, but I look like a convict. Soooo.... I will vow to start showing the real me, in vintage clothes and say "Whatever" I am what I am. Could be better, could be worse, but glad to be alive and 55 (56 on June 25th!) I wouldn't go back, and every day gets better. So -tell me?

If I have only one life, should I live it as a blonde? Only my hairdressers know for sure if blondes have more fun. Of course, I had fun with grey, black, red ....whatever the haircolor!

INside-I am still that crazy smiling girl at the Thanksgiving table, in 1966! Pre-Beatles, pre-mod, British invasion me.


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