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Monday, September 6, 2010

The end of summer as we know it...

Happy Labor Day! I did labor a little, of course. You can't live with three dogs and expect NOT to have to clean, but they are worth it! I did go to the thrift stores, but didn't find much. I did find something a while back that I forgot to show ya! A flamingo ash tray! Not the best picture, but oh well. I was over at Mother's Kitchen the other day looking at her awesome kitchen! and it made me want to show some of my own Mexican themed table cloths. I am so addicted to these. The bright colors, the graphics all are so nostalgic.Metal cannisters, bread boxes and cake boxes also are one of my "weaknesses". I can only stack them so high. My daughter was opening the cabinet this morning and said, "One of these days, those things are gonna fall and knock me out!" Doesn't she know me by now? I'm not practical. But seriously, I use my stuff!
It's part of living the lifestyle, and that is what makes me the happiest..using my vintage stuff. It magically takes me back to my Grandma's kitchen, one of the happiest places of my life!  I also love this painted and decoupaged scrub board. Matches the fiesta! I am slowly trying to start the Fall transition. I like my green tablecloth draped over my room divider. I can change it any old time with materials!
Well - the clock tells me it's that time. I'm in denial about the end of long weekends All in all, the weather was great, even if I didn't do much. Sometimes that's nice. Zootsuitmama


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