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Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday at my son Jeremy's house

Above in my office, a tiny sized jacket from the Phillipines WWII, on the front is the name "Snooks"-must have been his girls' nick-name. 

I took a vacation day today to stay with my two youngest grandkids, Lily and Kaitlyn. Great-Grandma is here too, and being 83 and the "old school" disciplinarian, she worries about everything they do. Oh well, good thing Grandma (me!) is here to save the day! At least they have all the family that loves them, that's what's important. We spent the night, so Mommy and Daddy could go canoeing together. The last three years, Sarah (my daughter in law) was either pregnant or nursing babies, and couldn't go. Her dad and brother also take the annual trip, so it was nice that she could go. Plus, I don't get to see them as much as I'd like, due to work, school etc. So it worked out perfect for me!! I did manage to hit some thrift stores last night...though. And guess what I found? A telephone bench from the fifties (pix tonight) and a - drum roll please- boomerang coffee table ! I'm going to paint it, but not sure what color yet! And, I found a twin size chenille bedspread, very soft and colorful - It was half price day, so the whole shebang only cost me about 16.00! 
I also took some pictures of my office. I was so happy that I finally got my own office back after being crammed in like sardines for a year (3 in an office)! I try to do a WWII theme, because the older residents 
really like it (and me too!)
Note the army green metal desk and chair! and...more posters- Until later, sincerely Zootsuitmama


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