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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Greetings Earthlings, I'm back from outer space!!

Can't forget this tacky Vegas pillow! and salt and peppers with roosters...

I got these in pink and gold one day, then in turquiose and gold the next!
Howdy! Yes - I've been away! Seems like years, but only days. Check out this gold metallic lampshade! And my other goodies I've found since I've been away! I had a weekend class, my Grandkids from Florida and my son here! Pix of that later.
And these pink melmac dishes, all for only 3.50! Then, I must have had the retro goblet gods on my side, because I ran acrossed lots of glasses this week...Oriental, but with an egyptian figure, and pastel palm tree glasses!

So all you vintage loving guys and gals, check it out! I have hit the jackpot!! Zootsuitmama
I also found an awesome '50's Bar B Que Cookbook, and a fondue fork set -still in the box! I also came across this "burlap brown" table cloth someone had made. They took extra special care to do the stitching and applicaid fruit!


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