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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The thrift store Gods heard me again!

Well-I know you've all experienced this...OK? My daughter is HOOTOWL crazy. I mean who the heck let the owls out? Who Who Who?? So, we are drooling over all the cool Enid Collins Owl purses on the Internet and I said.."I WILL find one!". Tonight, somethnig told me to go to the Salvation Army. I was literally headed to Savers, the thrift department store and did a Batturn to go the other way. I had no sooner got inside and WHAM! behind the jewelry counter is THE purse! 14.99-The Big HOOTer of a purse in Perfect shape. Perfect as in NEVER BEEN USED! Now, I sit and wait for her and her boyfriend to get home from the movies...(Cue Carly Simon's ANTICIPATION>>>ANTICIPAye_YeA_SHU!)Here is a pix from the internet. I haven't had time to snap a pix. But, it's exactly like it! Not one rhinestone missing! I LOVE when this happens! Later, ZSM

Thrift Scores: Zootsuitmama 3-Salvation Army-0

Ha! Just when I was about to give up on finding anything besides some Aunt Jemima bottles made into candle holders, there they were! Two Souvenier pillow covers in near perfect shape! Also, while perusing the reject Dollar store lace panels, I struck gold! Even if it's only one long barkcloth panel, the possibilities are endless with what one can do!Just wanted to brag, I mean share, my win over Salvation Army! Not bad for a quick Monday night run through!
Oh, and a PS on my Aunt Mary blog- This is the formica top to the card table I got from her. Never seen one like this! Very sixties.
Have a great Tuesday! Zootsuitmama


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