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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Betty Boop Birthday clock!

I got this from my son and his wife for my Birthday, way back in June. I decided to put it in my office, because A) I'm there all the time, and B) It goes with my WWII red white and blue theme. I love it when your family knows what you like and take the time to search it out! I think someone made this in a ceramics class, it's huge!!

This weekend, I got the urge to clean the fridge, all the cabinets and rearrange. Kind of a late Summer cleaning instead of Spring...gotta get ready for putting up all the Fall stuff! Plus, sometimes it just feels really good to feel fresh and clean. It seems to cure my overwhelmed feeling sometimes when I look around and see the "same old stuff". Love color, too, can ya tell?

Oh yes, and I did a LITTLE shopping. I talked about this movie last night, The Mambo Kings, but forgot to add the picture. The men in this movie are sooooo handsome. Something about those tall dark and handsome guys. Desi Arnaz Jr. plays his Dad, and does an excellent job. Those guys were hot when they came from Cuba  to play in nightclubs in America. Long before the days of "I Love Lucy". They were the Mambo Kings. Armand Asante is ...whew! so romantic. He isn't always a nice guy, but it's only a fantasy! The movie itself captures the era. I would recommend it to all you vintage lovers.

Well, it's pouring down and storming. Love it! It cooled things down quite a bit. Great sleeping weather!

Later, Zootsuitmama

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I cashed in on the pillowcases today@ the Disabled Vets Thrift Store.

Let's see, this weekend...it went by, as usual in a blur. First, I took my beagle Angel back to the vet. I knew it wasn't good, because she is more congested now. As soon as we got in the door, she peed, and it had blood in it. So, when we finally got to see the doc, he felt of her stomach and said, "she's full of bladder stones"., and then, he said she had congestion, probably congestive heart failure and put her on Lasix.
I also had a good time, not all bad this weekend. We went to my oldest son's birthday party. I got to see my girls, which is always great, and some other people I haven't seen in ages. Then, we kicked off the Halloween season early and went to see "the Last Exorcism". Pretty strange...
I love these pillows!
I also found a movie, The Mambo Kings, with Armand Asante...very sexy and fun to watch the clothes, etc.
Just couldn't stop myself from putting out some Autumn  barkcloth! See ya soon

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I wanted to let everyone know, I finally resent a bunch of prizes from way back when's giveaway. Could anyone who gets them let me know? It's been a little while now. Soon as I hit 70 followers, there is a giveaway coming...a GOOD one. Zootsuitmama

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I got some of my gold sixties pillow out! I can't help but think I'm having an influence on my daughter India's boyfriend. He's putting permanent pinups on his car! I passed this hamburger joint (has been there forever!) downtown in KCMO tonight. Made me want a burger, nice and greasy! I lit my Christmas candles in the windows, now that they are more "open". I kinda like the way they look without heavy drapes for a change.
This picture is dark, but you can see the light coming through the blinds. If I could be anyone, it would be....
Joanie on Madmen...She's got a balcony you could do Shakespear off of! Well, I did dye my hair red! (Film at 11:00-newsflash!) Mr. Tikiman says Summer's almost over...
This is the most random blogging I've ever done... Oh well.
Beagle update. Angel, my beagle, seemed better until the antibiotics were gone. Now, she's coughing again, so I'll have to take her back..probably for an xray. Pray for her.They said it could be CHF (congestive heart failure), but they do have meds for that. Zootsuitmama signing off.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall is just around the corner!!

I decided to sell some things from my shop, so I had to go out to my storage and look through it all. I found some of my awesome Halloween stuff...it makes me in the mood to start Autumn decore now!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Suddenly, Last Summer?

What happens to all the plans, the cookouts we never had, the meals on the deck...Getting the family together, canning, making relishes, etc? Again, I have regrets that I didn't make these things happen. How do you all savor moments so the seasons don't just slip by? Any ideas or tips? I seem to reach this point every Summer. I tend to idealize and have expectations that may not be possible, but there has to be some way to not just try to expect some good, fun and memorable times. So what do you all do? I'd really be interested to hear from you all.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

C'mon baby light my....lamps.

There is something about lamps that I cannot resist. Since I haven't gone thrifting this week (much), I thought I'd just throw some of my lamps up on the blog to exhibit my lamp addiction. I'll show part two tomorrow, that is - if I don't go thrifting and find something more blogworthy.
Angel update...my pup is still making the noise. It's weird, because she eats well, etc.. but the way she breathes and "gags" every so often isn't normal. I just pray the antibiotics work, and that she doesn't have congestive heart failure. I hate seeing any of my doggies getting older.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Hi everybody....I am waiting for my mom to open the fridge and give me a hotdog...I just know they are in there!"
"She thinks I don't know she's putting that medicine inside the hotdog, but I'll play along"!
I'll just wait til she drops a piece, then I'll snatch it.
"You've got to be kidding....all for a lousy hotdog?"
"I'll play dead, then sneak a bite!"
"I'm way too high class for this joint. Hot dogs are soooo below me!"
My dogs are all thanking you for your prayers and good wishes. Angel seems a little better today!

Oh yes, and I forgot to post my cute little kitchen clock from weekend thrifting.

I love red, and the starburst dial is so cute! And, like I need another cannister, I found this one the same day. I don't have one like this with the checks and flowers. Yellow and red, my fav kitchen combo!
Zootsuitmama, signing off for another day. Adios Amigos!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

howdy doooody ya'll Let's spin a few platters!

I finally found a fold up hi-fi, sixties. It has an extra needle, still in the box. First thing I did was seperate the speakers, which I was always told to do by "those in the know"...Then I put on some Go-Go's, Billy Idol and AC/DC. Very strange...I guess we are so used to CDs now, but it's fun to put the needle on the record!

..and now for a shot of the speaker. How creative. Don't ask me what happened to the color in these pix, kind of a "blue mood". I finally got my pole lamp to stand up without leaning. I love this lamp, it's straight from the Ozarks, from my friend Merilee/Retrocurbclimber. These glasses with diamonds (black and gold) are very rat packish...I found a holder at a different garage sale..love the black on the handle.
I guess the pix came out blue because I'm kind of blue...my little Angel, my Beagle, has been coughing, which she has always done off and on. I think Beagles have a reverse sneeze, and it's from a weird larynx, but the cough is getting more frequent. The vet gave her an antibiotic, but it could be congestive heart failure. Hope not. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
She's always done this, esp. when there's food around! She's my little cutie.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A few of my scores...

Found these cool cups at a garage sale, go with some of my plates. Very cheap!
This pink lamp was looking for a partner...Found one I already had!
Found enough of this to make some cute kitchen curtains!
Tomorrow, the '60's hi-fi!


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