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Monday, June 4, 2012

another quickie

Just a quick post to say I hope you are all having a Happy Sunday! I love these kind of weekends, just puttering, looking at all my blog-friends blogs, and rearranging/cleaning-after I see all your cool stuff, I want to copy some of you! LOL!! I cut the grass, just before some little sprinkles started. Hadn't done that in a while, my son's been helping, but I thought I'd better, since rain is forecast for several days this week.
Can't wait to show you my deck. I changed to a tropical tiki bar type theme, but my phone dropped in the water, and I can't get the new one to send to my email yet. Hopefully I'll figure it out this week...I'm techno challenged!
Like over at Carol's-Old Glory Cottage, I just love all her red in the kitchen. So I'm getting ready to rearrange all my cannisters and metal tins...

...and I love all of the flowers all of you are posting, both in your yard and other wise!
So...as the sun sets on Zootsuitville, I feel like it's been a really nice and laid back weekend. What more can a girl ask for? Next time you see my "new" screen door, I hope it's painted and "embellished" with some gingerbread from the Lowes I saw recently. Ya'll come back now, ya hear!


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