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Saturday, August 14, 2010

A few of my scores...

Found these cool cups at a garage sale, go with some of my plates. Very cheap!
This pink lamp was looking for a partner...Found one I already had!
Found enough of this to make some cute kitchen curtains!
Tomorrow, the '60's hi-fi!

Saturday -Yeah!!!

I thought I had better post something, so y'all wouldn't think I was dead! I'm in that Saturday morning limbo...wanting to accomplish a lot, yet not able to decide where to start. What I'd really like to do and what I will do are probably two very different scenarios. I love the weekends, just to be home with all my vintage stuff around me. I know that sounds very "surface" and "material" but it truly is my haven, and I feel good when surrounded by my home. Yet, one feeling I sometimes experience is, "all this stuff, and I'd like to go garage sale-ing or to the thrift stores. Why?" Well, it is my hobby. I don't think of myself as a hoarder, but then, don't go into my basement. I did close a shop, and neeeeeed to do something about selling a lot of it, but haven't heard from the flea market for a small booth. I will make myself face this issue within the next month, as I want it done before it gets cold again.I was reading Mary Deluxe's blog about paring down and little houses, and my house IS little...and thinking it would be a big relief to at least unload some things. But, on the other hand, this stuff tells my story! And, as I said, it makes me feel at home. I used to drink and drug, was obsessed with men and relationships and overall an unhealthy woman. That was 24 years ago, and my life has changed, but I still love my "stuff".I guess it's just kind of out of balance right now-I need to get back into dancing, maybe...find a relationship. But, all in all I feel good about my life.Any feedback out there???
Speaking of stuff, my best friend Merilee found these awesome Oriental blond coffee and end tables down at the Lake (Ozarks) at a garage sale. As you know, my living room is also dubbed the "opium den", so it will be a welcome addition.Needs a little clean up and it was well worth it! So me hear your opinion about this topic. I'll post some new finds later today...


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