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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's new with Zoot?

The sun was going down on another day. The garden's been watered, and time to wind down.
Hmmmm...this looks like a comfy spot. I just couldnt believe someone would put this vintage aluminum lounge chair out for the trash!
But wait...Mr. Ziggy has managed to get free! There goes that relaxation idea!

 He goes straight for the fountain!This will be my bottle tree. When I'm done, the bottles on the tomato stakes will clang together in the wind.

Here's one of my tomatos!

This is the strangest and cutest plant I've ever seen, called the Bat Plant. The flower looks just like a little bat face!

Well more tomorrow, time to rest, -like Ziggy-PS, He did come in. I bribed him with a car ride!


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