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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hello all! I am sitting here debating on whether to go out to the store because the ice has already started here in Independence, Mo. Then, 5 or more inches of snow is supposed to fall. Two days ago, it was in the sixties! That's Missouri! I had posted some more pix  and some were duplicates while some are upside down! Trying again...

This is my Frosty I have had since I was little. 
My smaller aluminum tree with old and new ornaments -finally bought a new colorwheel on my Autumn trip to Weston at the old time hardware store!
I made some swags out of tablecloths and fastened some of my vintage brooches on them. Usually I hang heavier vintage drapes, but wanted something lighter this year!
This is the pix that came out upside down. It's my collection of vintage stencils still in package, some flocked bells from Ben Franklin with tags and wrappers in tact, and ribbons, and of course ole HARRY TRUMAN shopping on the Independence square in the fifties.

Moon shelf in my bedroom with flocked Santas and elves.
Mid century metal candle holder with plastic trimmings and velvet bow. In bedroom...
Plaid in bathroom.

Parade of Santas and Candle blomolds in living room on my Magnovox stereo console.

Flocked Mrs. Santa from Woolworths.

And flocked Mr. Santa from same package, Woolworths. (both bespeckaled!)

Some of my ceramic carolers and my Its' a Wonderful life town my son got
 me a few years back...and my little white fiberoptic tree from Dollar General about 10years ago...they had the cutest ones with candles that say Noel, candy canes and ornaments that lit up. The base rotates and says Merry Christmas in the color that is on at the time.

well...more later.


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